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На данной странице вы найдете Читы для Perfect World, а именно найдете чит Wall Hack - чит для Perfect World, чтоб скачать Wall Hack - чит для Perfect World бесплатно нажмите на ссылку "скачать Wall Hack - чит для Perfect World бесплатно" ниже.
скачать Wall Hack - чит для Perfect World бесплатно
Категория: Читы для Perfect World | Загрузок: 271 | Просмотров: 2382

скачать Читы для Perfect World бесплатно

Wall Hack - чит для Perfect World

Wall Hack, хождение через стены для Perfect World, чит позволяет позволяет проходить сквозь стены.

Инструкция (на английском):

1. Log into Perfect World, and load up and log into a character.

2. Run PWGTxxxx.exe (as Administrator on some systems, Vista especially).

3. Activate the Perfect World window you want to use PWGTxxxx with (you have 30 seconds). The window must be named "Element Client" for it to hook, titles like "Element Client blah blah whatever" might work too, but this has not been tested by myself.

4. PWGTxxxx will beep twice to let you know its got a hook on your client.

5. On the first time you load, the program will ask for the base address in Hex format of your version of PW, possible known working base addresses are,


PW MY EN Private Servers


PW PH (thanks to edmark20)

PW IN (thanks to BetaBowElfe)

PW RU (many thanks and apologies to Owyn)

PW BR (thanks to mhsgames)

If none of these work, please try this guide to find it yourself,

Tut: How to Search For Base Address

Enter in one of the above (or your own) base address. Please do not put "0x" in front of the Hex value, just put the values in like the above examples.

6. A window will pop up advising you that it is about to scan the memory. Press "Ok" and then do nothing! The program will bring Perfect World into focus, and then you will see your character jump. It will take about 5 seconds for it to finish.

Please note, you have to be in an open area so that the memory scanner can find the jump in time (don't do it in fb / dungeon / in a hut / under a rock / dead).

7. After 5 seconds it will finish and tell you that its ok to try the program now. If you get an error message it will ask for the base address again. It should only error if the base address is wrong, if the number entered is more than an 8 digit Hex number, its not a Hex number, or it contains "0x". It also might not be storing the values in the PWGTM.ini file correctly (check the ini file, see if there is any numbers written after the "Offsets" key).

8. After the PWGTM.ini file has been created, the following commands will work. Please test that it works as it should.


NUMPAD 8 - North
NUMPAD 2 - South
NUMPAD 6 - East
NUMPAD 4 - West

ALT + NUMPAD - move double the distance
CTRL + NUMPAD - move triple the distance

F10 - Exits Program


North, South, East, and West will make your character move in those specific directions. For example, if you are facing South, and you pick North (default NUMPAD 8), you will go North (which is actually backwards in this case).

Be careful using any kind of hack, always test it out on a noob / hack accoun (especially after any patches), no fun getting your main account auto banned.

You can give your working PWGTM.ini file to anyone that may be having problems. Just make sure it is in the same directory as the program

Скачать Чит Wall Hack - чит для Perfect World
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